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    Asthma is one of the most common health conditions which has long lasting effects.
    Although, any age group is affected by it; the condition is most prevalent amongst children. More and more children are being detected with the condition. However, with the right medication and treatment it can be controlled. This condition affects the air ways of the respiratory system.

    The primary function of the airways is to carry air to and from the lungs. When the passage gets inflamed, it becomes very narrow and does not allow a lot of air to pass through; making breathing very difficult. Asthma is of two types, reactive airway disease and bronchial.

    There is a huge difference between the airways of an asthma patient and a healthy human being. The airways of an infected person are narrow and filled with mucus. One of the first symptoms you will notice about this condition is a sticky secretion inside the tubes.

    Some of the other symptoms of the condition include:

    Shortness of breath
    Pain or tightness in the chest
    Coughing, wheezing
    Pressure in the chest
    There are other symptoms which differ from patient to patient. Should you loved this article and you wish to receive much more information relating to coupon for prescription assure visit the web page. In some cases, patients have noticed different signs with every attack; severe for one and mild for the other.

    Asthma can last for a few years or it can last and entire lifetime. Most often, it disappears as individuals approach adulthood. The attacks keep occurring at intervals. Sometimes, the interval between two attacks can lasts for months and sometimes, a few hours. Mild attacks are more common than severe ones.
    If a person is having a severe attack, medical treatment should be given immediately.

    There are treatments and prescription medications which allows an asthma patient to live a normal and fulfilling life.

    Some drugs help to reduce the frequency between attacks while others are used to counteract an attack. Ensure that the two medications are not confused. Prescription pills used to reduce the attacks will be of no use during an attack. In fact, it might just make matters worse.

    The medication which is intended to clear the airways is consumed through an inhibitor. Patients are advised to keep inhibitors in various places in their homes. The reason being, these attacks can occur any and every where.

    Most doctors prescribe the prescription medication Asmanex.

    This drug helps to prevent the symptoms of asthma. However, the medication is only effective if it is taken regularly. It clears the airways if there is any mucus present, otherwise it just keeps the passage clear for easy breathing. Use this drug only if it has been prescribed by your physician. Most probably, you will require Asmanex for a long duration. Medication is expensive, but, you can lower your expense with Asmanex discount coupons.

    These coupons provide you with a 75% discount on every purchase.Many people have benefited from these discount coupons. To get Asmanex discount coupons, you need to print it from the company website. The best thing about these cards is that they are free of cost.

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