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    Descaling Versus Cleaning

    Descaling your is a separate procedure that you need to carry out from time to time.
    It is different and a little more involved than cleaning.

    While cleaning removes surface marks and dirt and some of the internal residue from the beverage making process it does not deal with any scale build up that results from heating the water.

    What is Scale?
    If you take a look inside your kettle you may well see a build up of ‘fur’ or scale on both the inside and the element.

    This is caused by Calcium and Magnesium salts dissolved in the water which become less soluble when the water is heated so they are deposited as scale. Sometimes you can also see scale around the steam jet holes of your steam iron.

    Without going into the chemistry water scale, boiler scale and kettle scale or ‘fur’ are all one and the same thing.

    It occurs because water containing these salts is heated. The ‘hardness’ of the water determining how bad the problem can become.

    And it is a real problem in some areas and certainly is something that has to be guarded against in any industry using boilers and water heating processes.

    How is Scale Removed?
    Larger installations using boilers try to minimize its occurrence by chemically treating the water.

    But smaller domestic appliances such as an iron or a coffee maker are treated periodically with a mildly acidic solution to dissolve the scale. Descaling solution can be purchased from many appliance centers or directly from Tassimo for your coffee maker.

    Some folk are aware that vinegar is acidic but it should not be used for on your Tassimo.
    In fact Tassimo explicitly state “Never use vinegar or vinegar-based products”

    If you wish to make your own descaling solution one party has this recipe.

    “Mix 1 tablespoon of citric acid or one packet lemon flavored Kool Aid with about 1 pint of water. Make sufficient to fill the water tank on your Tassimo.”

    And the difference for those that are interested is that vinegar is acetic acid whereas the this is solution is citric acid.
    (Note that this is not officially sanctioned by Tassimo And this article is not endorsing the method.

    It is provided as information only)

    What About Your Tassimo Coffee Maker?
    Well obviously water is being heated to make your chosen beverage. So depending on the ‘hardness’ of your water scale may be an issue for you. Some users recommend only filling their coffee maker with bottled water but this seems a bit extreme if you have a reasonable water supply.

    One of the main reasons cited is taste but using bottled water may also be beneficial for scale.

    Either way your has a descaling program which lights an icon when it needs to be done. And Tassimo strongly recommends it be carried to avoid possible damage to the machine.

    Tassimo Descaling Procedure
    For Tassimo’s with a water filter it is imperative to remove the holder and cartridge before starting.

    To run the descaling procedure the Tassimo must remain connected to the power supply.

    BE AWARE that the unit is live.

    Remove the water tank from the coffee maker.

    Take the service T Disc from its storage spot and place face down in the brew bot T Disc position. Close the lid and clamp properly.

    Make up the correct amount of descaling solution as per instructions.

    Empty out the water tank and refill with the descaling solution just prepared.

    Place the tank back on the Tassimo unit.

    If you have any concerns regarding exactly where and how to use Lighting sconces for bathroom, you can get hold of us at our own internet site. Make sure you remove the cup stand and install a larger cup or container under the outlet. It needs to have a capacity of at least half a liter (500ml) or 17 ounces.

    Once the tank and container are in place Press and Hold the Start/Stop for a minimum 3 seconds to commence the descaling exercise.

    Once started the program will proceed automatically and takes about 20 minutes – pumping the descaling solution through the machine in several cycles so that it runs into the container positioned under the outlet.

    When finished the tank will have a small amount of descaling solution left in it.

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