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    Here are three Man Cave ideas for all the Final Four fans:

    Basketball Glassware and Barware items

    All Man Cave’s need to have sports team beer mugs glasses. If you have not added any new mugs in several years then this is the time. Your team the Florida Gators is in the Final Four. This is the perfect time to buy new Florida Gators glassware for your Man Cave.

    What I like is sitting watching the game drinking my favorite adult beverage from a sports team mug. A regular mug is sort of boring and not very special. A beer just seems to taste better if it came from a Wisconsin Badgers pilsner glass than a normal glass. Maybe you think this is strange, but if you are a true sports fan then you know what I am talking about.

    Sports glassware is an essential element to any Man Cave.

    2. Celebrate your Team with Pictures

    Ah, team pictures are a favorite of all guys. A gift idea for a guy would be a picture related to his favorite team. If they happen to be a sports fan of the Kentucky Wildcats then a picture celebrating all their basketball championship is a perfect gift.

    Sports memorabilia or this case college basketball pictures is something that needs to be in your Man Cave. Pictures celebrating your player from a championship season are one idea. Here is more info regarding wisconsin nhl team look into our page. I personally am a fan of having a collage of pictures or Wall of Fame of all the great teams and players.
    All four of the Final Four teams have some special teams and players from past years.

    3. Show your Pride with Flags and Banners

    Putting out your basketball flag or banner on your front porch is something a sports fan loves to do when their team wins.

    It is a way of showing your pride and enthusiasm for your team. Sports flags and banners do not have to only for putting outside. They also will fit nicely in any Man Cave.

    Banners are a great way to fill that space over your Man Cave bar. When you go to a sports bar it seems like many have a huge banner right behind the bar.
    The banner is usually some beer or the favorite local team. For example, if you go to a bar by the UConn then you will find an UConn banner behind the bar.

    The idea I am suggesting is to make your Man Cave similar to sports bar. This is the place you, your family and friends can sit and watch your favorite team without all the distractions of a sports bar.

    A college basketball banner from your favorite team makes your Man Cave special.

    There you have three great ideas for your Final Four Man Cave. Now come Monday night there will only be one champion. Best of luck to all of the Final Four sports fans.

    Teddy Danfield is a sports fan who has an interest in all sports, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college sports.

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