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    Can I hire an attorney to represent me in court?
    The short answer is negative.
    The drawn-out response is maybe. In California one can only be represented by some other person if you are less than 18 or have been ruled mentally incompetent by the court. In both of these scenarios someone may be represented by a guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem is a court word for a person that has been appointed by a judge to take care of someone (usually a child or someone under 18 or who has been ruled mentally incompetent by the courts.

    Observe: If a person is younger than eighteen but have been legally emancipated, you may represent yourself.

    For those of you who are hesitant and introverted, this looks like a substantial hurdle to your situation. But, the complete opposite is all true–the opponent may not use an attorney to represent her.
    The defendant must represent themself in front of the judge.

    If the judge rules that one is unable to properly present one’s claim for any cause, the judge may allow somebody else to assist you–but the person can NOT be an attorney.

    The sole occasion an individual will face an attorney at law in court is if you happen to be taking legal action against a lawyer or legal firm (as they may represent themselves).

    Thus, don’t believe that by bringing a small claims court case you will be facing a lawyer.

    There are some exceptions to the law that a person must represent oneself:

    Firstly if one is a business owner, you may be represented by a regular staff if the claim can be established with account information and the normal worker has information of that account.
    Second of all if you are a partnership, you can be represented by a partner.
    Third, if you are a corporation, you can be represented by an employee, officer, or director but ONLY if she has not been employed to represent the corporation. Lastly, if a person is in the armed services, you can be represented by someone else.

    One has to submit to the court details in the way of declarations which support your case. These declarations should also assert that: 1st, one is serving on active duty in the armed forces. Next, you had been handed orders to your assigned section after the case began. Finally, your orders last longer than six months.

    Would a Lawyer Have a Role in My Small Claims Matter?
    In CA, you may not retain an attorney to represent you in front of the judge.

    You can speak with a lawyer to advise and guide you prior to or after you submit a claim. And based on the type and complexity of your claim, which can be an choice one wants to employ. Unfortunately, money billed by a lawyer are generally not recoverable as court costs Here’s more information on personal injury lawyers of Edmonton check out our web page. .

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