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    The relics from the tomb of Kheti in Egypt depicts the game with rudimentary “crooks” and ball, making field hockey as one of the oldest sport played in the history of the world which dates back to almost 4,000 years back.
    The modern game of field hockey was developed in England during the middle of the 19th century and was later passed on to United States as a Women game in the year 1901. The sport today is played across 132 countries and is in fact the second most played sport after soccer.

    Henceforth the epidemiological studies thus suggest that injuries in field hockey can be many and even severe. Among the many others injuries to the ankle and lower back are the ones most reported by the members of various hockey teams. Also among the most seriously and frequently injured are the players under the age bracket of 10-19.

    A study shows that of those injured almost 5% are further admitted to hospital for the treatment.

    Field hockey is a tough game and demanding both in terms of mental strength and physical fitness. True that the player requires skills to make to the famous teams like the hockey team India but it is only the on the field practice which can help the sport enthusiasts to vouch for a place in the best teams.

    However it is often felt that as the sport has evolved to a fast-paced and more physical game the number of injured players during the entire playing season is on a toll. Although it is a non-contact game but there are acute injuries which are caused as a result of contact with the puck, ball, another player, the playing ground or the goal cage.

    Owing to this the severity of injuries has increased since the past decade. The most major and primary form of injury is the one caused to the knee which can also in most serious cases put an end to the career of the dexterous hockey players. These knee injuries include:

    -ACL (Anterior Crucial Ligament) Rupture

    ACL in general is important to stabilize the knee.

    These are most common in women and can occur due to the twist in the knee when changing the direction. This causes knee pain, swelling and can also result in difficulty in walking says a physiotherapist of an international hockey team. Many a time a loud pop may be heard at the time of the injury.
    During such an injury the player should immediately stop playing and apply the RICE formula (rest, ice, compression and elevation).

    -Meniscus Tears

    The menisci comprise of two rings of cartilage- the medial meniscus and the later meniscus.

    They function to absorb all the shocks caused to the knee. If you have any kind of queries relating to exactly where as well as the best way to utilize wisconsin nhl team, you are able to call us with our site. But constant twisting of the knee often inflicts pain, swelling, difficulty in bearing weight and an inability to bend the knee. It has also been observed that most of the members of hockey team India often complaint about the same during practice.
    In most cases the RICE formula works but in more serious conditions the player might need to seek the therapist and can also need surgery followed by rehabilitation.

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