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    Gold Wedding Bands, Part of a Loving Tradition

    our present culture it would be against the norm to see a married man
    who does not wear a wedding ring. In fact, most observers would admit
    that it’s expected, and appreciated by his loving partner, to let the
    world know he is off the market, and one half of a loving and
    committed relationship.

    Would it surprise you to know that
    less than 100 years ago it would have been an oddity for the average
    husband and father to wear a wedding ring? It’s true, at that time
    jewelry was predominately for women, and men were confined to the
    decoration of their pocket-watch, perhaps one passed down to them
    from their father or grandfather. What changed? On December 07, 1941,
    Pearl Harbor was attacked, and shortly after, the U.S. declared war,
    thus officially entering the global conflict now known as WWII. What
    effect could this possibly have on men wearing a wedding ring? When
    the men left for war overseas, their women wanted them to take
    something with them, as a reminder of their loved ones waiting back
    home. Even men who had already long been married were given wedding
    rings by their wives. If you loved this article and also you would like to acquire more info relating to just click the up coming site please visit our own web site. Then, there were the countless young lovers who
    rushed to the altar before his being shipped out, exchanging rings
    with each other, she wearing his offering, and he too wearing her
    gift to him, that loving token of fidelity.

    was during this time period that gold wedding bands
    beginning their re-emergence into popularity. Due to the war effort
    of the day, much of the supply of platinum and white metals were
    unavailable to jewelers, and mixed colored gold especially rose gold,
    became highly desirable to those who wished to wear the ring of their
    beloved, before they were taken away from them for perhaps years at a

    Wedding Bands to Man-Gagements

    We can all appreciate the way time tends to alter what we
    consider to be normal and expected. The latest winds of change have
    brought the emergence of gold wedding bands
    the perfect choice in man-gagement rings. I have to admit I was taken
    aback when I first heard of this trend. What is a Man-gagement
    anyway? Many modern and forward thinking individuals have expressed
    that it seems a little one sided for the women to be the only ones to
    get an engagement ring. An engagement ring holds the sentimentality
    of a promise for the future, of faithfulness and loyalty. An outward
    symbol of being off the market, even before the actual exchange of
    vows takes place. Men as well as women would like it to be known that
    he and she, are now to be considered unavailable, and that they are
    each part of something special, even while awaiting the big

    Because of the romantic history surrounding the use of
    gold wedding bands,
    it is an obvious choice for this newest progression in engagement
    If you have any kind of concerns regarding where and just how to utilize green tungsten ring, you could contact us at our own site.
    There is quite a selection to choose from, whether your man
    desires a solid rose gold band, one with titanium or palladium inlay
    or perhaps a band with a diamond setting. A growing number of men are
    choosing to wear their future wedding band as an engagement ring on
    their right hand, then as part of the wedding ceremony, moving it to
    the left hand. There are however, many men who are choosing to have
    separate engagement and wedding bands for themselves all

    Your Love Speak For You

    are few things as fragile and beautiful as your relationship with the
    one you hope to spend the rest of your life with. When making your
    selection of the ring that will be such a part of your future
    together, reflect on what you wish it to say about you as a couple.
    Talk to your partner and ask what he or she feels about the kind of
    tone you would like to set with your wedding bands. There are many
    choices to make, so consider the warmth and tenderness of gold wedding bandsand now adding to this discussion, the selection of his engagement
    ring as well. To get a good idea of what is out there, look at the
    variety of designs to choose from at
    Start your relationship and life together out on the right foot, with
    honest and open communication, and share your thoughts with each
    other regarding this latest trend of man-gagements.

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