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    What according to any hockey player will be the best sound in the entire game?
    The fans cheering? Yes! ‘GOAL!’? Yes. But the best sound for a hockey player is a sound when the ball hits the backboard of the goal. With this comes over an ecstasy beyond words, teammates and fans cheering and the coach and expert looking for the new budding star.
    And this accounts for the most superior moments if you have been frequent to hockey matches. The hit, often called ‘drive’ in field hockey is one of the most powerful shots. Once hit, the ball can also reach to a speed of 100 km per hour. However unbelievable it may appear this is what the nation witnessed in hockey league India.

    These slaps are commonly used on grass on the field and so making way through the thickness of the grass requires force. These shots are also used for short corner on goal. And it is therefore for this reason a goalie finds it difficult to defend against a drive.

    The same is also used by best hockey teams for defense to deliver the ball out of the defensive circle to an open teammate. Learning to hit the ball requires a lot of commitment, persistence and a never give up attitude. These traits are the only innate characteristics of a hockey star and rest others are acquired and learnt overtime.

    Helping all the aspiring hockey players here are some types of shootings you need to know to master for slapping for field hockey:

    -Upright Slap

    These are for quick passes for clearing the ball out of the defensive zone.
    On a grass field it is comparatively easier to hit the ball with an upright stick, says a member of hockey league India.

    What you need to do- Position your hand on the basic grip and point your left foot towards the target.

    Make sure your body is perpendicular to the target and your stick is upright with bent knees. After a mild swing shift your weight to your front foot and quickly slap the ball.

    Flat Slap

    Most used by best hockey teams it is more of a drive on turf surfaces and so it is not that powerful as an upright slap.

    What you need to do- Place your hand on the middle of your stick and position the ball slightly behind your front foot. For those who have virtually any concerns about exactly where along with tips on how to employ US Hockey Markets, you possibly can email us at our own web-site. Point the front foot in the desired direction of the ball. Keeping your back straight and bending a bit over the ball, shift your weight seamlessly from back foot to front foot and just strike the ball above the hook of the stick.

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