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    When a couple is going through a divorce or a separation, their assets and wealth are divided.
    If they have children, the case gets complicated because of the question of rightful child custody. A custody case can be settled mutually out-of-court. However, in most cases, parents contest for it in the court.

    In order to verify which parent is focused on the well-being of the child, child custody investigations are carried out.

    The objective of these investigations is to check which parent can provide him/her a better life. These investigations should be completely unbiased. In most countries, the court appoints a neutral investigator for this purpose.

    How does child custody investigation function?

    The investigator uses surveillance to check how the parent treats the child
    Any abuse or neglect is documented in the form of photographs, videos, audio recordings, etc.
    Background checks are carried out on the parties contesting.
    The investigator verifies whether the parent has a tendency for substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol.
    He also verifies whether the parent in question has any criminal background.
    He also checks whether the parent can cater to the basic necessities of the child.

    These entail a clean and safe living place, healthy food and emotional support.
    Family members, friends, etc. are questioned.
    The investigator documents all the evidence in an unbiased manner and presents it in the court. Based on this the court decides the type of custody and the parent to whom it is awarded.

    Types of child custody:

    It is a type of custody in which the parent has the right to take decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. These decisions pertain to schooling, religious beliefs, medical care, etc.

    In this type, the custodian is awarded the right to have the child live with him/her.

    Sometimes a joint physical custody is awarded wherein the child spends a significant amount of time with either parent.

    If one of the parents is deemed unfit, the court awards sole custody of the child to the other parent.

    In this case both the parents have the combined authority to take decisions for the child although they are not living together.

    Irrespective of the type of custody and the person to whom it is awarded, a child custody case is an emotionally traumatic experience for the child. It is better to carry out the investigations without the knowledge of the child.

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