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    I tried calling the contractor to come back, but he refused to fix the problem.

    He was persistent that he had done an excellent job, and the damage must have been a result of something I had done. I wasn’t just going to accept this answer so I decided to take him to small claims court.

    I was introduced with small claims court when I watched the TV show “Judge Judy”. If I hadn’t seen that program, there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t have known about this legal option. This type of court is very important for average citizens, who would otherwise have no way to pursue what is owed to them.

    Since small claims court is meant to help the average person, the rules are slightly different than regular lawsuits. One of the most significant differences is that in this type of court, there is a limit on the amount of damages or money that a person can sue for.
    This limit might vary from state to state, and in my state the cap was $ 7,500. Since the remodeling job had cost me about $ 5,000, I am an ideal candidate for small claims court.

    Another difference is that you are not allowed to bring a lawyer to present your case in small claims court. In regular courts, you have the option having legal counsel or representing yourself. Everyone has to speak for themselves when it comes to small claims courts.
    Cases that are brought to this type of court are usually settled very quickly. Cases will not be dragged through the system for many years. In this court a decision will be made either on the spot or within a few months.

    I was ready with all the evidence and documents pertaining to my case when it was time for me to appear in small claims court. I told the truth, was respectful to the judge and kept my composure even when the other party was blatantly lying about the circumstances of the case.
    Fortunately, I won my case and received the amount that I wanted.

    Do you have minor legal problems with a business or another person? Don’t just stand by and allow them to take advantage of you. Try the small claims court in your stat,e and see if that would be a practical option for you If you cherished this article and also you would like to acquire more info about personal injury lawyers of Edmonton generously visit the internet site. .

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