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    Vermi-gold is Environment protection agency of recycling organic waste was formed at the time to specifically the need for an innovative and technology sound provider of Environmentally sound technology ( EST).
    The division of recycling organic waste has designated by the board of chosen freeholders to supervise the implementation of country. The company was developed by the Tat-g corp PTY ltd in India.

    The Investors are enthusiastic about recycling organic waste in vermin-gold Company, while many selector of Indian economy struggle to attract investment capital, it comes out those investors especially believe new stock of Innovative technologies of recycling investment funds and are enthusiastic about the future of recycling organic waste.

    This Immense good trade is largely untapped and promises healthy returns with the right business model and technologies.

    There are many eco friendly company works for environment protection and estimates that produce approximately 520 million tons of municipal solid waste per year and can be roughly categorized as the organic waste such as house hold waste and industry waste.

    The vermi-gold environment protection agency estimates that over 96 percent goes to landfills. The high nutrient fertilizer that is generated by the vermin culture system is consumed internally by the large landscaped gardens that surround the office and hotel buildings.
    The inorganic waste including paper and cardboard is sent to recyclers making their office into zero waste generation unit.

    Basically an owner of vermin-gold company of recycling organic waste processing facilities approach is to maximize the value of organic waste streams.

    That’s a combination of producing renewable energy from them and then using the residual from our renewable energy technology to further process it into pelletized organic fertilizers or a compost based soil product.

    The environment protection agency (EPA) suppose that recycling organic waste is one of the huge subjects so the developments of recycling technology are required for support of social system.

    The company environmental system has been developing with the aim for several years. And this time the company introduced new methane fermentation system as a fundamental resource collection technology.

    The company services for farmers and local public authorities recycling solutions of their organic waste, including bio waste, urban waste and Industrial sludge and green waste.

    The Innovative technology of vermi-gold can recover the land fill gas from decomposition Via the methane production process.

    The company discovered a new natural gas field or new oil field through their technology are releasing the energy potential of organics and unlike solar which is dependent on the sun shining and produce the power.

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