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    The Basic Goal

    The game has two teams of 11 players each, including the goal keeper.
    The teams constitute of 16 players actually, out of which only 11 may remain on-field at a given time. Just like soccer, a ball, though the size of a tennis ball is to be driven to the goalpost protected by the goalie of the opponent. However, in this, the players use J shaped sticks to manoeuvre the ball rather than their feet.

    In fact, during no part of the game shall a player’s body come in contact to the ball (except the goalie, who may use his body to deflect goal attempts). The team that has scored maximum goals at the end of game is the winner.

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    Played on grass, synthetic turf or indoor play boards, a hockey court is 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.

    The length is divided into 25 yards section each and the two ends hold the goalpost of both teams. A 16 yard long D-shaped scoring area is in front of each goal that is called the circle. To score any valid goal, the ball should be hit, struck, deflected or manoeuvred into the goal from within this area.


    The heart and soul of hockey is the hockey sticks, which are the core instrument employed in playing the game. Perhaps, this is why players give a lot of weight on the selection of the right stick for their respective techniques, specialities, playing position and physique.

    Basically, there are three types of sticks, Shorti, Midi and Hook, which are actually the variations in the J shaped end, called the toe, of the stick. Shorti sticks are usually preferred by defenders who should hit the ball hard and thereby need a better contact with the ball.
    Midi and hook is the choice of attack line players who need to flick and manoeuvre the ball with a lightning speed and hence keep handling and dribbling easy. Besides this, the material, length and weight of sticks also vary which each player chooses according to his/her preference and physical build.

    The goalie also uses a stick which is specially designed for the purpose. An important point to note here is that the ball can only be played through the flat edge, just behind the curve of the toe.

    Other equipment

    Hockey is relatively a safe game, but relevant safety equipment is required and suggested.

    Players must wear shin guards stretching from ankle to knee. Gloves and mouth guards are not mandatory but recommended. The goalie however is required to wear the full armour like a soccer goalie. Face helmet, arm pads, shoulder pads, chest and throat protection, knee pads etc.

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